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Hello to everyone at Cancun MedVentures. I am so happy I found your website and I wish to thank you for putting everything together so I could get the face lift and neck lift I wanted. I am pleased to say that my visit to Cancun was wonderful and everything went very smoothly. My face now looks refreshed, natural and more youthful, and I am very pleased with my new look. I feel terrific and I have a brighter outlook on life. I have a cousin who will be booking an arm lift with you, so I will come back with her to have more procedures done. Thank you for a wonderful experience.

T.C. Springfield, IL

A big “hi” to my Cancun MedVentures friends and the doctors and nurses that took great care of me. My tummy tuck was a big goal in my life and the price you quoted was a third of what it costs here. I jumped at the chance to have it done because of the low cost and especially in such a great location like Cancun. My thanks for setting up my trip and my surgery. Now, 4 months later, my abdomen is flat and I look great, finally! Thank you again for make this a fun and productive trip.

C.H. New York, NY

I’m writing this message for all those considering Cancun, Mexico for plastic surgery. Just do it! You will be very happy you did. Cancun MedVentures is an excellent way to have everything arranged for you and have things go smoothly. As advertised, the price was wonderful and the doctors were U.S. board certified and did a wonderful job. They were amazing, very professional, and performed a perfect thigh lift and back liposuction. I look trim and feel fantastic. Wherever you may live, you can depend on a quick flight to Cancun and it is an exciting area to have surgery and relax. The experience is absolutely the best! You will save money and have a great experience.

W.S. Sacramento, CA

Hello to my doctors and nurses in Cancun! I am sending this message of thanks for the outstanding 360-degree liposuction that you performed last month. Cancun MedVentures took care of everything and the wonderful facilities and low price was remarkable. My hotel was perfect for my recovery and I relaxed and enjoyed the amenities as well having quick access to my doctor in case I needed anything. For those wishing a great experience, a very low price, and a wonderful surgery, your first and only choice should be Cancun MedVentures. Everything went perfectly and I look trimmer and healthier.

B.T. Carson City, NV

A big note of great thanks to Cancun MedVentures and all of the doctors and nurses that took care of me during my tummy tuck and breast reduction surgery. It has been almost 7 months since I was there, and after the swelling went down in the first month, my body has continued to slim down and get tighter and shapelier. I look and feel like I’m back in my twenties and I couldn’t be more happy with the whole trip and how great things turned out. Thank you to everyone. I will be back soon for a face touch up. See you then!

S.D. Colorado Springs, CO

To my doctors, hospital staff and nurses in Cancun, thank you for all of the care and hand-holding you did to help me with my body makeover. It was a big decision for me to have everything done that I needed, and the two trips with two surgeries 4 months apart was the perfect solution to have me rest and recover in-between the surgeries. Cancun MedVentures was marvelous in arranging everything for me, and my Cancun medical vacation was perfect in every way. Thank you for the care and attention, and for giving me a new body and a happier outlook on life.

C.P. Tampa, FL

My sincere thanks and best wishes to the wonderful staff at Cancun MedVentures. I am deeply indebted to your caring and kindness during my trip to Cancun for a face lift and eyelid lift. After years of looking sleepy with heavy eyelids and a drooping face, it is such a relief to have a more youthful, happier face looking back in the mirror each day. My experience was super, and the price and great doctors were exceptional. I will be sure to return for more things to make me look better. Take care and see you soon.

H. W. Los Angeles, CA

Dear doctors at Cancun MedVentures, I have just returned home and I wanted to write and tell you how wonderful my whole experience was. My thigh lift and Brazilian butt lift was exactly what I wanted to raise my self-esteem, and the surgery was perfect in every way. Cancun is an incredible location for plastic surgery and I am so glad I made the choice to come there. Thank you for your great care, I am very appreciative.

G.P. Houston, TX